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Although it may not be common knowledge, crawl spaces should be dry and free of moisture at all times. If not, it’s possible water and water vapor can lead to issues like mold, wood rot, and pest infestations. Humidity in your crawl space doesn’t just stay in the crawl space, it travels upstairs into your home as well.  Due to its subtropical climate homes in the area battle humidity regularly. It’s important to address the humidity in your crawl space as well as the rest of your home.  

With a dehumidifier, your crawl space will be drier, cleaner, healthier and more energy efficient. By lowering the relative humidity, the air in your crawl space will be easier to heat and cool. Not only will it dry the air, but as it blows the air around the crawl space, anything else that is saturated with water, including wood and insulation, will dry out as well.

Advantages of Using a Dehumidifier:

  1. Decrease the chance of mold growth
  2. Cleaning and filtering the air
  3. Increase energy efficiency
  4. Reduce musty odors
  5. Improve the structural integrity of your home
  6. Reduce the likelihood of pests

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