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About our company

Keeping your home healthy since 2015

Who we are

Pinam Construction is a female, minority-owned general contracting company headquartered in Durham, NC and serving the greater Research Triangle Park, Triad and Eastern North Carolina areas, including the Wilmington beaches.

We specialize in structural and moisture repairs in residential and commercial buildings.

  • Property Damage Evaluations
  • Structural Repairs
  • Moisture Remediation & Waterproofing
  • Crawl Space Inspections
  • Wood Rot Repair
  • Concrete & Foundation Repair
  • Roof Installation & Repair

In addition, we offer full service Commercial renovations, upfits, additions, and repairs. Since 2015, Pinam has served our customers with respect and dignity with a common desire to improve the health and well-being of their homes.

Pinam Construction, Inc., Home Improvement, Durham, NC

The Pinam Philosophy


Plan the Work

  • Scope – what needs to be done
  • Specs – what materials are needed
  • Budget – how much will the work cost
  • Sequence – when to schedule the work
  • Trades – who does the work

Assign the Work

  • Collaborate with architects, engineers and designers
  • Draw up scope of work and material specifications
  • Create budget and timetable
  • Pull permits and schedule inspections
  • Ensure adherence to budget, schedule and quality
  • Manage risk and solve problems that arise

Work the Plan

  • Stay on Schedule
  • Stay on Budget
  • Ensure Quality


Things that can plague the health of your house

Structural Defects

This may be why your floor squeaks


The cause of most problems under a house

Fungus & Mold

The one thing mold needs to grow is moisture

Poor Ventilation

An open vent invites humidity!


Water Penetration

Water can penetrate your crawl space from many sources

Poor Drainage & Grading

Your yard and roof may be ruining your house


The drip, drip, drip has to go somewhere!

Foundation Cracks

Shifting, settling and hydrostatic pressure cause serious problems

Our Services

We’re here when you need us…. Full Service & Dependable


Moisture & Mold Remediation

Removal of mold and waterproofing to minimize water related problems.


Residential Structural Repairs

Concrete and wood repairs to fix structural issues under a house.


Commercial Structural Repairs

Concrete, steel, masonry and wood repairs to commercial buildings.


Pinam Development

Development and Planning for renovations, flips, and special projects to improve the appeal of a community.

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Answers to Your Questions

I don't have a dehumidifier and my crawl space isn't sealed. Is the humid air causing problems for me?

Probably, but you won’t know until you inspect your space. When your crawl space doesn’t have a dehumidifier and is not sealed, the moisture enters your space and causes joists and posts to soften and rot.

My floors are sagging in my living room. What causes this?

Sagging floors can be caused by many factors. Your joists or other wood structures in your crawl space may be damaged from fungal growth. Also, many homes are just built improperly, with widely-spaced support columns or poor footing that cause sagging floors. Another possibility is poor soil quality or improper compacting of the soil during construction.

Should I close my crawl space vents?

In this climate, it is probably beneficial to have closed vents. Open vents allow moist, humid air into the crawl space. When that humid air mixes with the cooler air inside, moisture forms.

What breeds mold?

Mold spores are around us everywhere. Mold needs moisture, food and warmth to grow, however. Under your house, humidity and water can provide the moisture and, unfortunately, the wood framing of the house provides the food. Under the right conditions, mold can grow.

What should the humidity be in my crawl space?

Most professionals agree that a humidity reading above 60% can bring about fungal growth and mold. Proper remediation of a dangerously humid space includes sealing the crawl space with an appropriate barrier and installing a dehumidifier to remove moisture in the future.