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Mold Removal & Remediation

Mold removal and remediation is an important part of maintaining a healthy living environment. Molds are fungi that thrive in damp, moist environments and can cause respiratory issues such as allergies, headaches and asthma. It’s important to remove any mold growth as soon as it is discovered in order to prevent its spread and reduce the risk of health problems.

The process of removing mold typically begins with identifying the source of moisture in the area where the mold growth has occurred. Once this is done, the infected area needs to be isolated from the rest of the house and cleaned using specialized cleaning solutions. Depending on the extent of contamination, physical removal may also be required. 

After this, drying agents can be applied to ensure that no further moisture accumulates which could lead to future growth. Finally, follow-up inspections should be performed periodically to check for new growth or hidden pockets of mold that may not have been discovered during initial inspection and cleaning.


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