Our FREE Ten-point Crawl Space Inspection

Our trained estimator will inspect these areas of your crawl space and surrounding areas:

  1. Condition of ventilation
    • vents
    • air flow
  2. Presence & severity of fungal growth
  3. Condition of HVAC ductwork
  4. Condition of vapor barrier
  5. Evaluation of water penetration
  6. General cleanliness
    • debris
    • odor
  7. General yard slope and impact on water conditions
  8. Condition & performance of gutters & downspouts
  9. Condition of pipes and electrical wiring
  10. General measurements
    • square footage
    • height
    • humidity levels
    • wood moisture levels

Brief review of structural integrity of the space will also be conducted. Any damages would require further evaluation, possibly by a structural engineer.

(Charge may apply to inspections related to real estate transactions)