Structural Defects

If you’ve noticed your first level floors sinking or sagging or if your interior drywall shows unusual cracks, it is an early indication that something may not be right in your crawl space or foundation. Your house may have structural problems and needs to be inspected and fixed as soon as possible.

Telltale Signs of Structural Issues

  • Moist, rotting wood
  • Skewed or unlevel door and window frames
  • Sagging, sloping, or uneven upper-level floors
  • Tilting or sinking crawl space supports
  • Cracks in the interior drywall

What is causing these structural problems?

Crawl spaces experience structural sinking or sagging primarily for these three reasons:

  1. Support columns are spaced too far apart
  2. Joists, girders, and posts have been weakened by rot
  3. Weak soil and poor footings cause columns to settle