To sustain growth, a mold colony must have water. When the relative humidity of the air is 70% or higher, mold has enough water to grow.

(Allison Bailes,, 2011)

Our Hot Climate

Crawl spaces in hot, humid climates are at elevated risk for moisture damage. Older residences with vented, rather than sealed, crawl spaces may also show signs of this. Over time, humidity and moisture accumulation threatens the stability of a home and the health of its residents.

Relative humidity readings over 55% cause concern. Readings over 60% – 70% produce the right environment to promote mold growth.

Pinam's Expertise

You can rely on Pinam professionals to conduct a thorough evaluation of your home to determine the impact humidity may be having on the health of the crawlspace, your home, and, ultimately, the health of your family.

Pinam can also assess and repair existing structural damage. We can also help prevent future issues by installing a complete encapsulation system. Contact us today to begin restoring your home.