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New Windows


New windows can provide several benefits.  The first one most people think of is energy savings. It's true that if you have old windows, single paned windows, or poorly sealed windows, they could be contributing to heat loss in the winter, and heat gain in the summer.  Energy savings alone is not usually enough to offset the cost of new windows, but when you take into account some of the many other benefits of new windows, the scales tip quickly to "yes":

  • New windows are easier to keep clean
  • New windows have easy to manage bug screens
  • New windows are aesier to open and close
  • New windows are often more secure
  • New windows can provide cleaner views
  • New windows can add to the design sense of a room
  • New windows can have integrated light screens or blinds

If you've been thinking that new windows might be right for you and your home, please contact us to set up a consultation or to get an estimate.  


If you know you are in the market for new windows, and just need to choose a contractor, then scheduling an estimate is the right option.  We'll meet with you to identify your needs, preferences, and priorities, then we'll give you a clear picture of what it would look like to work with us and what the costs would be.

Unbiased Consultation

If you're not sure if you really need new windows, then scheduling an unbiased consultation is the right option.  By paying a small fee for our time and expertise, you get the peace of mind that we're going to help you identify what's best, not try to sell you something.  We'll ask questions, listen, and help you figure out the details.  Then after that if you decide new windows are right for you, we can still give an estimate to match your needs and priorities.