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New Roofing

New Roofing


A new roof keeps the rain out, right?  Yes, but now think about what your roof does when it's not raining.  When it's sunny, it takes the brunt of the sun's powerful nuclear energy.  What does your current roof do with all that heat?  If you have a normal roof then it reflects some if it, and radiates the rest of it into your attic, heating the air inside.  Vents let some of that heat out, but most of it sits right above your ceiling and effects room temperature.   Any new roof can just keep the rain out for another 10 years, but with our help, a new roof can also reflect summer heat, improve indoor comfort, decrease energy usage, and pave the way for a finished attic.


If you know you are in the market for a new roof, and just need to choose a contractor, then scheduling an estimate is the right option.  We'll meet with you to identify your needs and priorities, then we'll give you a clear picture of what it would look like to work with us and what the costs would be.