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New Garage

New Garage


A new workshop?  A new art space?  A new all-weather idea hatching lab?  The empty place under a mother in law suite?  A place to store treasures or launch an online antiques business?  Whatever you would call it, a new garage might be just the thing.  Even if you don't have room for an addition we can help to re-work your current space and make it happen.  Thinking outside the box is what got Apple started, and great design is what made them famous.  You have the inspiration, we have the design and execution.  We could do great things together...


If you know you are in the market for a new garage, and just need to choose a contractor, then scheduling an estimate is the right option.  We'll meet with you to identify your needs and priorities, then we'll give you a clear picture of what it would look like to work with us.